Investor Jim Rogers: “Markets were overbought – debt is skyrocking – US dollar bubble – Bitcoin will disappear”

The Coronavirus continues to move markets around the world through the worst weeks since the financial crisis. Governments and central banks have announced hundreds of billions of stimulus packages. Is that leading to a blow-off rally? “No question that markets were overbought before“, says Jim Rogers (77). The American investor thinks: “The debt is skyrocking in the end. I can’t think of a single central bank that is completely independent.“ Will our currencies survive? “Not as we know them now. Certainly not the euro. The US dollar will go much higher. Turning to a bubble.“ And Bitcoin? “That will go to zero. All of those crypto currencies will disappear.“ Why? Watch the interview with the legendary investor Jim Rogers and Inside Wirtschaft chief editor Manuel Koch. More information on www.inside-wirtschaft.de

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